English PV Project Gets The Green Light

East Suffolk Council has granted British Solar Renewables’ Park Farm Solar Park planning consent. The English solar park will generate up to 21MWp of renewable energy – enough to meet the annual electrical needs of up to 5250 family homes. The development is anticipated to displace up to 4650 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

In January 2024, East Suffolk Council also granted permission for the Town Farm Solar Park, which has a generating capacity comparable to that of the Park Farm Solar Park. Both projects are designed with a strong focus on ecological enhancement measures. These measures include the development of species-rich grassland, the planting of native hedgerows, and the creation of meadow grassland underneath and between the solar panels. These initiatives aim to boost biodiversity and improve the ecological value of the areas surrounding the solar parks.

Town Farm Solar Park will deliver a 178% net gain in Habitat Units and a 52% net gain in Hedgerow Units. Park Farm Solar Park also boasts an impressive net gain, with a 106% net gain in Habitat Units and a 116% net gain in Hedgerow Units. British Solar Renewables has successfully developed more than 700MW of solar capacity, across 57 schemes.

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