What Is Automatic Meter Reading Equipment (AMR) And Why Your Business Should Be Using It…

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is a technology used to automatically collect consumption, diagnostic and status data from gas, electricity or water metering devices.

The AMR then transfers this data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting and analysis. Here are nine reasons why your business should be optimising AMR including carbon and cost savings….

  • Cost savings – Implementing AMR means your businesses can save money on labour costs associated with manual meter reading. Visibility of accurate data intraday can lead to potential cost savings by identifying energy waste through the day and night.
  • Accurate carbon reporting – Most large businesses either already are or will soon be working to carbon reduction and net zero emission targets. Estimated reads do not provide accurate carbon data. AMR will ensure your business is reporting carbon emissions accurately.
  • Real-time monitoring and analysis – By implementing AMR businesses can monitor energy consumption in real time and analyse usage patterns.
  • Billing accuracy – AMR provides accurate meter readings which helps to reduce the risk of overbilling or underbilling by utility providers.
  • Automated data collection – AMR eliminates the need for manual intervention by automating the process of meter reading.
  • Remote accessibility – AMR meter data and analytics can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that stakeholders can make informed decisions on the go.
  • Customised reporting – AMR can be used to generate tailored reports based on businesses specific needs and requirements. Stakeholders can analyse data in a format that facilitates informed decision making.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements – AMR provides accurate and reliable meter data for reporting purposes. This helps businesses meet compliance requirements and avoiding penalties or fines.
  • Scalability – AMR is suitable for a business of any size. AMR is suitable for single sites or multiple locations.


If your business has meters which require manual reads please contact for more information.