UK Energy Consumption Declines

Energy consumption in the UK sees a decline while renewables reach unprecedented levels, according to the latest government data. During the October to December 2023 period, the UK experienced notable changes in energy dynamics, particularly in consumption trends, according to the latest government report.

Decline In Usage

Primary energy consumption in the UK saw a 2.1% decrease when measured based on fuel input, largely influenced by increased energy prices. However, after adjusting for temperature, the decline was slightly milder at 1.5%.

Indigenous energy production in the UK dropped by 8.4%, with decreases observed across all fuel types except for coal, bioenergy and waste, wind and hydro sources. Electricity generation by major power producers declined by 9.3%, with coal experiencing a significant 10% increase.

Renewable Energy

Renewables witnessed a 6.1% surge, reaching a record high level. Gas generation plummeted by 26%, while nuclear generation also declined by 10%. Renewables contributed to a historic 49.4% share of electricity generation by major power producers, with at 32.9%, nuclear at 15.0% and coal at 2.0%. The proportion of low carbon electricity generation surged by 7% points to a record high of 64.4%, while the share of fossil fuel generation dropped by 7% points to a record low of 35.0%.

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