Water – The Forgotten Utility

When discussing utility savings electricity and gas tend to naturally take priority for most businesses as these costs are significantly higher than water.  However, with a very simple and time effective water management strategy businesses can realise very quick and tangible savings. 

Business Benefits of Water Savings

  • Less water consumed and lower rates has a direct impact on business profit levels.
  • Fresh water is a precious resource, businesses using less water is better for the environment.
  • Reducing water consumption helps reduce the greenhouse gases released from collecting, treating and supplying clean water.

Supplier Service Levels and Historic Overcharges

Historically, businesses were served by monopoly suppliers for their water and sewerage systems, as there was no market competition suppliers tended to have poor software leading to inaccurate and inconsistent invoicing.  This led to overcharges with many businesses having now successfully claimed refunds of the excess amounts paid.

A billing and consumption analysis is the first step to identify potential historic over charges which could lead to a cash refund.

Reduced Water Rates

Once your business has received a clean bill of health of historical charges your water supplies can be tendered.  There are over 20 suppliers covering England, Scotland and Wales; benefits of a tender include:

  • Savings of between 5% and 15% on rates.
  • One supplier and one invoice for multi-site businesses allowing management of Group water costs to become more streamlined.
  • Additional service levels from suppliers including an account manager, online billing and smart meters being installed to help your business understand, control and reduce water spend.

A complete water management solution includes ensuring no historic over charges, minimising rates, maximising visibility of water costs by choosing one supplier for your portfolio and monitoring consumption to identify and eliminate any future waste.

For further information on how to minimise your business water spend please contact

Chris Haines, Consultant